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Money Matters Crash Course

This fast-paced finance crash course was designed in Whistler with Whistler residents in mind!
Where: Community Room
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Event Details:

Can't make it to our evening finance lectures? For the first time, our Money Matters expert Bill Erichson will be offering his three winter lectures rolled into one afternoon. This fast-paced crash course was designed in Whistler with Whistler residents in mind.

This session focuses on keeping money. Investments allow us to build wealth with the money we keep, while taxes increase our understanding of how to ensure we keep our hard-earned gains.

Topics include:

Understanding Taxes: 

In this part of the session, we explore the following tax areas:
- Types of taxes in Canada (Emphasis on BC)
- Consumption Taxes
- Wealth & Asset Taxes
- Payroll Taxes
- Pole Taxes / User Fees
- Income Taxes
- Income Taxes – A Very Short Course
- Progressive Taxes and Tax Brackets
- Tax Deductions and Tax Credits
- Income, Dividends and Capital Gains
- TFSAs and RRSPs from a tax perspective

Basic Investments:

This section of the course is a ‘what is’ rather than a ‘how to’. Topics include:
- TFSAs and RRSPs from an investment perspective
- Understanding Bonds and other fixed income investments
- Understanding Stocks and fundamental measures
- Mutual Funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Advanced Investments:

This section shows you some advanced investments, why they are risky, and how they work. Topics include:
- Levered Investments
- Real Estate Investing
- Foreign Investing and Exchange Risk
- Weird Collectables
- Commodity Futures
This is simply an overview, with the emphasis on how things work, not on how to invest. We want to provide understanding rather than investment strategies. This allows you to critically evaluate your choices and have more fruitful and valuable discussions with your financial advisor.

About the presenter:

Bill is an experienced business trainer and Whistler resident. In conjunction with the Whistler Library, he has presented Money Matters here in for the past four years.