Money Matters Finance Series

Have you made any financial goals for 2020? Our Money Matters series can help you achieve them!
Where: Community Room
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Repeats: January 15, February 19, March 18, and April 15  
Event Details:

Understanding finance proves difficult for many; however, when broken down it's straightforward. This four-part program helps you to understand personal finance, empowering you to make better financial decisions.


Lesson 1: Introduction and Spending (January 15)

In this lesson, we address several important financial issues:

  • Earning, Borrowing, Spending, and Keeping: the Four Pillars of Financial Literacy
  • Wealth vs. Income: Who is rich?
  • Spending & Budgeting
  • The Psychology of spending: Marketing from the consumers’ perspective

Lesson 2: Borrowing and Compound Interest (February 19)

Since we must borrow money, we had better understand how borrowing and banking work!  Most people borrow, understanding the process helps you protect yourself against predatory lending practices. 

  • Compound Interest: The eighth wonder of the world
  • Understanding the banking system
  • Your Credit Rating and why it is important
  • Fifty Shades of Debt

Lesson 3: Taxes, Shelters, and Basic Investments (March 18)

It's one thing to earn money…it's another to keep money.  Whether you are building for the future, or just looking to understand taxes and investments, it's important to understand saving and investing (keeping money) from a tax perspective:

  • Different Taxes in Canada & British Columbia
  • Progressive Income Tax and Tax Brackets
  • TFSAs and RRSPs
  • The basics of Stocks and Bonds

Lesson 4: Investing the money you keep (April 15)

This lesson takes over from lesson three and adds to your investment knowledge. Topics include:

  • Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds
  • Real Estate Investing
  • The effects of currency fluctuations
  • A few ‘exotic’ investments (Just so you know what to avoid!)



About the presenter:

Bill is an experienced business trainer and Whistler resident. Bill has presented the Money Matters Series at Whistler Public Library for the past five years.