Navigating Concussion Recovery with Melissa Deally & Emily Kane

Melissa Deally and Emily Kane provide tips for concussion recovery, including nutrition and mindset adjustments to promote healing.
Where: Community Room
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Details:

What happens to your energy when you are concussed? This talk teaches you how to listen to your body and symptoms, and how to live in your “safe zone”, so that your brain has enough energy left to heal. Melissa and Emily will share tips on the best nutrition for the brain to heal, adjusting your mindset to promote healing, and appropriate activity levels. This is a great talk for anyone who has recently suffered a concussion, or employers who want to understand how to help their employees get back to work sooner, and how to set up a return to work program for them.

Have you recently suffered from a concussion? We recommend bringing a friend or loved one along to this talk - they'll help you remember the take-home points, and they'll learn more about how to support you!

Registration opens at 12:01 a.m. on June 1. Email to claim a spot!


About the speakers:

Melissa Deally is a member of the Canadian Health Coach Alliance having completed her certification with the Health Coach Institute, a unique training that’s rapidly redefining the health coaching industry. This work is based on cutting-edge brain science and psychology, combined with nutrition and transformational coaching techniques. This system is great for all those looking to attain mind and body wellness through lifestyle change. Visit to learn more about Melissa's work or check her out on Facebook.

Emily Kane is a yoga teacher, reiki master, thai medicine practitioner, and owner of Yogacara Whistler. Her numerous certifications and experience make her an asset to learn from--this includes a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia as well as studying with world renowned teachers for yoga and meditation. Outside of her passions for alternative health Emily enjoys the mountain lifestyle Whistler has to offer including snowboarding and backcountry hiking. Reading, writing, and plant-based cooking are also big parts of her life. Visit Emily at or on Instagram and Facebook @emilykaneyoga.