Tess of the Road

Wondrous World-Building with Rachel Hartman

Join award-winning fantasy author Rachel Hartman for this whimsical workshop for young writers.
Where: Community Room
Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Event Details:

Did you ever wonder how the magical places in your favourite fantasy books came to be? In this workshop, we will explore the tools writers use to create fantastical worlds that feel like places people might really live. We'll learn to use tropes, question trees, and the Weirdness Budget, among other tricks of the fantasy trade. Come with a keen imagination, ready to write.

This workshop is for young writers, ages 12 to 18. Registration is required! Email youthservices@whistlerlibrary.ca or call 604-935-8436 to claim a spot.


About the facilitator

Rachel Hartman is the author of the NYT bestselling YA fantasy SERAPHINA and its sequel SHADOW SCALE. Her most recent book, TESS OF THE ROAD, was just nominated for the Andre Norton Award. Rachel lives with her family in Vancouver, Canada. In her free time she sings with a madrigal choir (the QuasiModals), walks her whippet in the rain, and is learning to fence. You can visit her blog at rachelhartmanbooks.com or follow her on Twitter @rachelhartman.