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More than 70 languages

Start the conversation in your choice of over 70 world languages and dialects through courses crafted using conversational methodology. Every self-paced language course introduces the learner to cultural insights and grammatical nuances specific to their language of choice, delivered through native speaker dialogue, and created with each individual learner in mind. 

How it works

Mango believes technology shouldn’t replace the connection you make with others — it should enhance it. Mango is centered around you and adapts to your learning behavior. Uniquely engineered to evolve with your learning habits, Mango prepares you for confident conversation and lasting connections. To learn more about how it works click here.

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Visit Mango to get started for free with your WPL card. You can either login as a Guest using your library barcode, or create a Mango profile by entering your email and a password of your choice, to track your progress and continue where you last left off.

You can also download the Mango app: iOS | Android.

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