Explore Your Inner Universe

Explore Your Inner Universe Week 4: Rest & Relaxation

This week, we encourage you to Explore Your Inner Universe by taking a nap or adjusting your sleep schedule!
Time: All Day Event
Repeats: Week 4: July 26 to August 1  
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Explore Your Inner Universe Week 4: Rest & Relaxation (July 26 to August 1)

As human beings we are designed to need rest and sleep in order to function. Yet with our busy schedules and other stressors, sometimes it can be really hard to take the rest we need and regularly get good sleep. It has been shown that poor sleep has negative effects on both our physical and mental wellbeing. This week, we are encouraging you to slow down and think about rest as a crucial part of your day: take breaks, practice good sleep hygiene, and maybe even take a nap! Check out our resource list below for links to helpful information.



  • Start a dream journal
  • #napchallenge -- This week if you’re feeling tired during the day, take a nap! Check out this article from the Sleep Foundation for tips and info on napping: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/napping
  • This week challenge yourself to maintain a sleep schedule -- go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. (You can also try a sleep journal to improve your sleep schedule)
  • Try out any of these technology sleep hacks:
    1. Don’t look at screens for an hour or two before sleep

    2. Check the settings on your devices and see if you can set them to turn off blue light in the evenings

    3. Turn on “Do not disturb” on your phone before bed so notifications don’t disturb your sleep

    4. Put your phone to “sleep” away from your bedroom




Don't forget - if you complete one (or more!) of our weekly activities or use one of our resources, you can enter to win one of our weekly prize draws! To enter, email us at publicservices@whistlerlibrary.ca and let us know what you've done that week -- we will randomly select winners and contact them by email on Mondays! We would particularly love to see photos of you, your friends, and family participating - adults, this includes you, too!