Working from home

How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Learn how to adopt a sustainable approach to working from home.
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Event Details:

Working from home is one of the short-term changes we’ve adopted in the first stages of the pandemic emergency response. It now looks as though many organisations will choose to work from home in the longer term -- partly as a hedge against the possibility of lockdowns with future waves of virus transmission, but also because staggering attendance in a physical location will support sustainable social distancing measures.


Since we might be allowed and/or required to work from home by default, the question is how we can effectively approach remote work in the long term. How can you move from treating this as a stopgap, temporary measure to adopting a more sustainable approach that can truly work with your personality, preferences, and personal situation? We will offer some answers to this question by covering the following key topics:


  • Physical office/hardware setup
  • Time management and scheduling
  • Productivity and focus tips and tricks
  • Mental health strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Work/life balance strategies
  • Analogue and digital tools


With time for Q and A at the end.


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About the speaker:


Ali Macintyre has become an expert at not working in an office since discovering that she could work on her thesis while travelling around Europe in 2007. After finishing a PhD in behavioural economics, she helped build a purpose driven remote-first software startup through incorporation to acquisition. Ali assembled a team dispersed across five continents and too many timezones, connecting with each person as they discovered how to do their best work from home. She believes in designing teams, organisational culture, and processes to create workplaces that support happiness, health, productivity, and fulfillment. She is currently writing a book about the unique work philosophy and environment of the startup, combining theory and practical experience to explore the lessons learned. Ali has recently launched Regenerem, a consulting, research, and coaching practice, and also teaches organisational behaviour.