Heidi Whent

Movement & Mindfulness with Heidi Whent

Practice mindfulness with the whole family!
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.
Repeats: Mondays, July 6 to August 17  
Event Details:

This summer, we're celebrating #MindfulMondays with Movement & Mindfulness! Our facilitator, Heidi Whent, has designed seven weeks of Mindfulness for the whole family. Each week will focus on a different theme and area of the body. 

These videos will be posted every Monday on our Facebook page, and you'll also be able to find all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

Have you been moving along with Heidi and Polly? Email us at publicservices@whistlerlibrary.ca to send us photos or short videos of your mindfulness practice - you'll be entered to win some cool prizes!

Here are the weekly themes:

Week One (July 6): Trust

We will be exploring the theme of Trust in today’s practice. Let’s grow our roots deep and get connected to the earth. To build a healthy mind and body, we require trust and love. Our movement today will be focused on grounding through our feet and legs while connecting with each other. 

Week Two (July 13): Emotions

We will be exploring the theme of Emotions in today’s practice. We have many emotions which all look, and feel very different. Using movement in the shape of water, we will flow like a river. River’s can be wild and calm, can you flow like a river?

Week Three (July 20): Strength

We will be exploring the theme of Strength in today’s session. Let’s challenge ourselves with movement that brings heat and fire. To grow strong we require patience, so we will focus on connecting our breath with our actions.

Week Four (July 27): Friendship

We will be exploring the theme of Friendship in today’s practice. Connection with our family, friends and care givers is so much fun. Let’s get adventurous together making shapes and opening our heart.

Week Five (August 3): Creativity

We will be exploring the theme of Creativity in today’s practice. By using our voices and bodies we will get creative with sound and movement. Be prepared to ROAR!

Week Six (August 10): Listening

We will be exploring the theme of Listening in today’s session. We will be listening with our ears but also our eyes by practicing movement through mirroring one another. This is a beautiful exercise where we connect with each other through our eyes and bodies.

Week Seven (August 17): Peace

We will be exploring the theme of Peace in today’s practice. Let’s get curious about our inner universe through a guided meditation to find peace, quiet and rest.


About the instructor:

Heidi Whent has been facilitating kids mindfulness and wellness classes in the community since 2019. She is a registered yoga teacher and working graphic designer who has lived in whistler for almost a decade. Heidi loves to share her creativity and looks forward to co-creating with you! You can learn more about Heidi at hemlockandhelvetica.com